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  • Curriculum for Inclusion

    Essex, Jane (2023-05)
    As part of our Research Webinar Series 2023, we are delighted to welcome Dr Jane Essex to share her insights and experience in the area of inclusion in education. Jane will present her research on how curriculum commonly functions as a way of excluding some learners and how it can, instead, be used a vehicle to enhance inclusion. Although the seminar will focus on primary and secondary science as a specific example, she will also show how the analysis can be applied effectively to a wide range of disciplines and curriculum areas, including literacy, PE and Art. Dr. Jane Essex is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. Her main work is in the field of Initial Teacher Education. Her research focus is inclusion in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and her research focuses on how STEM can be made accessible to all learners. She is an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was awarded their Inclusion and Diversity Award in 2019. She has recently written her first book, Inclusive and Accessible Secondary Science: How to Teach Science Effectively to Students with Additional or Special Needs.
  • The role of story in strengthening intergenerational bonds in primary education

    Kernan, Margaret; McArdle, Fiona (2023-04)
    To mark Global Intergenerational Week (24th to 30th April 2023), Hibernia College is delighted to welcome Dr Margaret Kernan and Fíona Mc Ardle, who will present their work on intergenerational learning in primary education. They have collaborated with Children’s Books Ireland to highlight stories and storytelling as a way of strengthening intergenerational bonds and produced Share a Story, a carefully curated booklist for ages 0-12 featuring a diversity of friendships and relationships between old and young. They will also discuss other initiatives, in Ireland and internationally, that connect primary schools with community and illustrate a diversity of learning relationships between children and older adults. Our ageing population and the growing diversity of our communities calls for new perspectives on learning relationships. In this webinar you will hear about the benefits for children, for primary schools and community members of all ages of working intergenerationally. Dr Margaret Kernan is currently a Lecturer in Education and Research Methods in Hibernia College. Her research interests are in early childhood education; psycho-social wellbeing of children; play and learning and intergenerational learning. Margaret is also coordinator of the award-winning intergenerational learning programme Together Old and Young (TOY) Fíona McArdle is currently a Lecturer in Education, School Placement in Hibernia College and worked as a primary school principal prior to joining the college. Fíona also worked as a facilitator and coordinator with Rainbows Ireland for several years and taught kindergarten, in public schools, in the United Arab Emirates. Her research interests include areas of inclusion and diversity, leadership, and international, intercultural, and intersectional perspectives on children’s rights to, in and through education.
  • Eye tracking & e-learning: what and how do students see

    Rakoczi, Gergely (2022-05-18)
    Dr Gergely Rakoczi, Head of Digital Teaching & Learning at TU Wien, presents his research on eye tracking in the context of e-learning – specifically, the eye movements of learners during interaction with Moodle courses – and shares some interesting outcomes from these studies. He reflects on the methodology of eye tracking and the possibilities of this approach for enhancing online course design. His research topics of interest are e-learning design, eye movement analysis, user interface design (Moodle), multimedia learning, education with virtual reality and 360-degree content, and technology-enhanced teaching in general.