Recent Submissions

  • Digital literacy OER

    O'Dowd, Irene; Byrne, Ann; Davey, Emberly; Hibernia College (2023)
    Digital literacy refers to the effective use of digital media platforms when finding, evaluating and communicating information. This involves a variety of technical and cognitive skills and competencies. The aim of this course is to introduce three key facets of digital literacy and increase your skills and competencies in these areas. The course has three lessons: Information literacy, Digital wellness and identity, and Communication and collaboration. This course is shared as an OER which can be reused, adapted or built upon for educational purposes. It consists of one ZIP folder containing SCORM files for the individual lessons, and quizzes in Word and Moodle file formats. This OER is licenced under CC BY-NC 4.0. If you have any queries about this OER please contact
  • Bridging the gap: Managing an entire college’s continuous assessments using Moodle

    Lowney, Rob; Roche, Hilary (2019)
    Managing an entire college’s continuous assessments using Moodle.
  • Establishing an Institutional Repository:​ The story of IASC

    Byrne, Ann; Davey, Emberly; O'Dowd, Irene (2023)
    Presentation delivered at the LAI/CILIP Joint Annual Conference 2023
  • Enhancing Student Access and Engagement: A Reading List Migration Project

    Byrne, Ann; Davey, Emberly (2023)
    Poster presented at the LAI/CILIP Joint Annual Conference 2023
  • Institutional Repositories: The HECA Experience

    Byrne, Ann; Zorzi, Debora; Tiernan, O'Sullivan; Ni Bhraonain, Dimphne (2022-11-15)
    A presentation given by the HECA Library Group at the inaugural HECA Research Conference, held in Griffith College, Dublin on November 15th, 2022. The presentation addresses the experience of HECA colleges in setting up and maintaining institutional repositories. It also addresses some of the challenges faced by repository users and managers, as well as the opportunities they provide to researchers and institutions.
  • Developing a student-centred approach to academic referencing support for postgraduate distance learners

    O'Dowd, Irene; Byrne, Ann (2022)
    Poster presented at IFLA WLIC in Dublin 26th to 29th July 2022.
  • Enhancing student access and engagement: a reading list migration project

    Byrne, Ann; Davey, Emberly (2022)
    The poster was presented at IFLA WLIC in Dublin in July 2022. In late 2021 Hibernia College library began migrating reading lists on the student VLE from PDF to EBSCO Curriculum Builder (CB) software. Following student surveys, an improvement in the student experience of reading lists was observed. The move reduced library staff's administrative load and improved reading list management. The migration project is in its final stages, but next steps will need to be considered.
  • Bridging the online support gap: developing academic referencing competences among remote-learner PME students

    O'Dowd, Irene; Byrne, Ann (2021)
    In Hibernia College, students are expected to take primary responsibility for maintaining academic integrity in their studies. However, lecturers and support staff have an important role to play in educating students about academic integrity and helping them develop the skills needed to practise it. This paper describes a project initiated by the Digital Learning Department (DLD) to improve the College’s online referencing supports, in response to the high volume of referencing queries being received daily by the Digital Librarian. Recent changes to the focus of capstone research projects on the PME programmes, combined with the move to fully online instruction during the Covid-19 pandemic, further highlighted the urgency of ensuring that these resources met students’ needs. The project consisted of a comprehensive update of the College’s core Referencing Guide and the delivery of a series of drop-in webinar workshops where referencing queries from students could be dealt with directly and specific problem areas addressed. The paper outlines the principles informing both the updating of the Referencing Guide and the structure of the online workshops. A preliminary analysis of library logs and student feedback survey data provides early indications of student engagement with and responses to these new supports.
  • Connecting Librarians: The HECA Library Group Pilot of the Professional Development Framework

    O'Neill, Marie; Alfis, Robert; Buggle, Jane; McKenna, Robert; Geraghty, Audrey; Buckley, Mary; Smyth, Justin; Ní Bhraonain, Dimphne; Hughes, David; Haugh, Trevor (2019)
    The Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA) represents the interests of fifteen private higher education institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Its Committees include a Teaching and Learning Committee and a Library Committee (also known as the HECA Library Group). The Library Committee was invited by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning to pilot the Forum’s Professional Development Framework for all Those Who Teach in Higher Education to test its suitability for librarians. This chapter reports on the six-month pilot of the Framework, using feedback collected from two focus groups conducted in June 2017 at the close of the pilot and in April 2018. A significant finding is that use of the Framework has made private college librarians feel more connected to, and less “siloed’ from, other professionals in the higher education sector. The chapter explores the implications of this feedback for private college librarians, and librarians generally, in terms of their professional identity, professional practice and professional development.
  • Enhancing student access and engagement: a reading list migration project

    Byrne, Ann; Davey, Emberly (2022)
    This presentation details a migration project from PDF reading lists to online reading list software. The project was carried out by library staff at Hibernia College beginning in Autumn 2021.
  • Developing a student-centred approach to academic referencing support for postgraduate distance learners

    O'Dowd, Irene; Byrne, Ann (2021)
    Presentation on an academic referencing support initiative undertaken at Hibernia College, Dublin by Irene O'Dowd (Researcher with the Digital Learning Department) and Ann Byrne (College librarian). The presentation was delivered at the IADTU conference, held in Bari, Italy in November 2021.